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A visual memoir by Greg MacGillivray

Includes 40 QR codes linked to behind-the-scenes film clips, interviews and never-before-seen footage

Learn more about the 50th Anniversary Film Release of Five Summer Stories - in Theaters August 2022

Available November 2022

Filmmaker Greg MacGillivray shares his personal story

Greg MacGillivray has lived a life like no other.  And now he’s telling his story.  From his early years making classic surf films to his time in Hollywood working with such legendary directors as Stanley Kubrick on The Shining to pioneering the 70mm IMAX® film format with films like The Living Sea and Everest, Greg’s films are known for their creative artistry, groundbreaking cinematography and celebration of the natural world.

In his fascinating new memoir, Five Hundred Summer Stories, Greg shares his personal journey as an artist, self-made filmmaker, father and entrepreneur at the head of MacGillivray Freeman Films, the only documentary production company to gross $1 billion in worldwide ticket sales. It is also a story about MacGillivray’s deep commitment to family, to conservation and to raising awareness about the importance of protecting our natural heritage for generations to come. Greg’s compelling stories of adventure, filmmaking, love, loss, inspiration and determination give readers a front seat to an extraordinary life — and, just like his IMAX movies, make you feel as if you are there.


To enhance the stories told in the book, forty video clips accompany this personal tale. Clips are funny, emotional, and visually thrilling. They even contain extra revelations not included in the book. Enjoy these short videos as you read about the adventures, characters and unexpected success in the filmmaking world.

Meet Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman, two visionary filmmakers who turned a passion for storytelling into an art, business and lifestyle.

Watch some of the highlights of A Cool Wave of Color, Greg MacGillivray’s first commercial film and enjoy the avant-guard imagery of the California surfing scene.

Free and Easy is an artful look at the carefree life of the Hawaiian and California surfer. Enjoy highlights from Greg MacGillivray and Jim Freeman’s first film as a team.

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